I am happy to invite you to attend the WPA Thematic Conference to be held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 9 to 12 June, dealing with quality assurance in psychiatric education, research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

This is certainly an issue which deserves a special attention. Our discipline and profession can rely today on a variety of curricula for education of students and residents, of guidelines and algorithms for diagnosis and treatment, of prevention programmes and of research protocols, but most of them are not frequently implemented in ordinary practice and, even when they are, the fidelity of their application is rarely evaluated, and the problems encountered in their translation to different contexts and cultures are rarely debated.

The image and the credibility of our profession depends on the quality of the education, research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment that we are able to deliver in ordinary practice, rather than on the standards that we are able to propose.

This Thematic Conference will be a unique opportunity to focus on this crucial and timely issue, with the participation of colleagues from all regions of the world.

The unique beauties and cultural heritage of Istanbul will represent a further attraction.

I very much hope you will consider to attend and actively contribute to the scientific programme.

Mario Maj
President of the Conference